PLAN :: Position, Location and Navigation
The Position, Location And Navigation (PLAN) Group is dedicated to the research, development and improvement of wireless positioning and navigation technologies for outdoor and indoor use. To this end, most of our work is encompassed in the following research areas:

GNSS Signal Processing
  • Signal acquisition and tracking algorithm development, including high accuracy phase lock loops
  • Multi-frequency, multi-systems signal processing enhancements
  • Impact of signal attenuation and High Sensitivity GNSS, including Assisted GNSS (AGNSS)
  • Sensor Augmentation
  • Tight and ultra-tight integration of GNSS with inertial and other sensors
  • Impact of oscillators on signal integration
  • Multi-sensor augmentation
  • Ground based RF ranging systems and augmentation
  • Applications
  • Software GNSS receiver development
  • Centimetre-level accuracy positioning and multi-frequency ambiguity resolution
  • Velocity and attitude determination
  • Atmospheric propagation effects
  • Indoor, pedestrian and vehicular navigation

  • University of Calgary Department of Geomatics Engineering

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