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Xie, P. and M.G. Petovello (2015) Improved Correlator Peak Selection for GNSS Receivers in Urban Canyons. Journal of Navigation, 1-18. [ Journal Link ]

Aumayer, B.M. and M.G. Petovello (2015) Feasibility Assessment of MEMS Oscillators for GNSS Receivers, GPS Solutions. doi:10.1007/s10291-015-0441-9 [ Journal Link ]

Fortes, L., T. Lin and G. Lachapelle (2015) Effects of the 2012-2013 Solar Maximum on GNSS Signals in Brazil. GPS Solutions, 19, 2, 309-319
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Sokhandan, N., J. Curran, A. Broumandan and G. Lachapelle (2015) An Advanced GNSS Code Multipath Detection And Estimation Algorithm. GPS Solutions, Accepted for publication, 2Jan15.

He, Z., M. Petovello and G. Lachapelle (2014) Indoor Doppler Error Characterization for High Sensitivity GNSS Receivers. IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems (TAES), 50, 3, 2185-2198

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